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The English edition of "Srecan Covek" - The Happy Man

(translated by Sofija Dragović and the author) in paperback or eBook format

is now available on Amazon (or in the store, here)



The German edition of "Srecan Covek" - Ein Glücklicher Mann

(translated by Jelena Gazarek) in paperback or eBook format 

is now available on Amazon.de (or in the store, here)

At the Belgrade Book Fair in 2019, Pedja´s new novel

KOVŠ - Wondrous Silver Bowl Journey Through the XX Century was published.

AudioBooks "Kovš" (read in Serbian by Pedja) and

"Srećan čovek" (read in Serbian by Rada Đuričin) 

can be purchased at the store, here.

They said about the novel Kovš (KRB 2019):


CHRONICLE WITH ELEMENTS OF TRAVEL. Predrag Ristic's novel Kovsh is very innovative and complex

- both in terms of form and content. In the instant time we live in,

in which every kind of decadence and reduction is brought to the absurdity of the same,

this author brings us back to the form of the traditional historical novel in which he is

narrated the family saga of the Aksentijević family in which it is included

a dramatic life story of a Russian refugee, and the main character is valuable

art object - a bowl, which was found by Momir at the end of the 20th century,

a Belgrade youngster who moved to Vienna in search of a better life.

This saga is also a travelogue that lasts a hundred years, as long as this

glamorous bowl (ladle) has traveled, participating in various phenomena,

contrasts and contradictions of the XX century,

thus representing a chronicle the course of which is not linear,

already intertwined and intersected, which illustrates the paradoxes

of the century behind us ... "- from the review of Marina Đenadić


They said about the novel Happy Man (Čigoja 2017):

"The book carries the energy you feel through a great, simple storytelling style 

direct and emotionally personally dosed. Pedja Ristic tells us, through a drinkable story

about life of the main character Alfred, that happiness is not a goal, but a path.

No matter what awaits us on our road, surprise, discouragement or disappointment,

we must preserve the joy of life and kindness to other people, which will certainly help us

survive but also to facilitate both the path to wisdom and the discovery of spirituality.

One of the main messages of the novel is that happiness is neither in a moment to be expected,

nor the present, but the state of our spirit on which we should actively work.

The sooner we understand that, the better our chances of becoming 

a happy man ..."- from the review by Žarko Čigoja, Belgrade

Alfred had a difficult, complicated and uncertain life that he could use as a cover for resentment,

anger and rudeness, but he understood that happiness is the path without which man is lost,

and every wise man watches over his own path. The book "Happy Man"can be read in one breath. 

It is a journey which will encourage you to think about whether you live in harmony with

definitions of happiness, for example by Jovan Dučić, who says "Whoever thinks he is happy,

he is really happy" or the Dalai Lama "Happiness is determined by the state of our spirit, not events."

That just worked for Alfred. "- Natalija Gunjić, Bern

"We talked a lot about the book and how much it made us want to examine ourselves

analyze our lives, family traditions and our pursuit of happiness.

The book is really interesting, inspiring, full of life stories.

I’m sure it will attract the curiosity of a large audience that will be grateful

and delighted that such a wonderful read has appeared. "- Javorka, Belgrade

"The story is unrealistically fantastic! I want to thank you

on this legacy that you leave to future generations. "- Jovana, Belgrade

"The book seems very cinematic to me, it definitely has a place in some HBO

series, but not in some American way, but rather British ... While reading it,

I often went to Youtube and looked for some of the songs mentioned,

I've never heard the Macedonian, Ladino or other songs before, so I let them accompany me,

with the book ... " Alex, Herceg Novi

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